What’s the fuss about a Gas Safety Certificate?

By law, according to the Gas Safety Regulations (1998), it is your responsibility to get a Gas Safety Certificate every twelve months. A gas safety certificate is a piece of paperwork from the gas engineer saying that the boiler is safe and meets the compulsory requirements.

What does this mean?

When a Gas Safety Certificate is issued your engineer will have…

  • Checked the installation and stability of the boiler is satisfactory
  • Searched for evidence of unsafe operation.
  • Checked all appliances for gas leaks
  • Checked standing and working pressure (if test points are available)
  • Checked the burner pressure and the gas rate
  • Checked that the relevant ventilation is provided
  • Checked the Flue flow is clear of combustion materials
  • Checked that all devices designed to tackle flame failure and working well.

A gas safety certificate is issued after a boiler service. The certificate will give the all clear for your boiler ensuring that it is safe to use. It will also highlight any issues that may cost you money in the long run.