Boiler Warranty vs Guarantee

A Boiler warranty or Guarantee, if you are anything like me, are just some words that float around without meaning. So what is it that they mean? What’s the difference between them? And Is one better than the other? Manufactures are offering 3-10 year warranties at the moment, if you are looking for a new boiler here is an article we wrote on the average cost of a new boiler 

A boiler warranty and a guarantee differ according to where the boiler was to fail. For example, if a boiler was fitted 3 years ago and fails due to in proper maintenance, under a guarantee the manufacturer is still responsible for fixing the problem with no cost to the customer. However, with the warranty a representative will assess the situation but will not repair free of charge due to incorrect maintenance being conducted.

You may then argue that it is of greater benefit to have a boiler guarantee as you are certain to get your boiler fixed within the given period whereas this is not a given with a warranty.

Which is more likely to save you money, guarantees or warranties?

In the short term, a warranty is not designed to save you money. This is due to the nature of a warranty. A warranty demands that a boiler is fitted correctly and is maintained regularly. A Guarantee may save you money in the short term however it will not compensate for an incorrect fitting or failure to maintain correctly.

Our recommendation would be, if you planning on getting your boiler fitted correctly and maintaining it regularly, to check the length of your warranty and guarantee. It may benefit you to get a short guarantee and a longer warranty.

Why do the manufactures offer guarantees and warranties?

A long guarantee is often employed by manufacturers as a marketing ploy. It says to customers that our product is more reliable; it will outlive the warranty. Whereas a warranty encourages customers to have their systems installed correctly and maintain them regularly.

As with all products you need to work out what is best for you and your circumstances. Before you buy, search around for different deals and look at the length of both the guarantee and the warranty. Once you have all the facts make an educated decision based on what it is you want and whether you want to save money in the short term or in the long run.

Happy buying.

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